Surfing at lightning speed, your advantages:

  • 16 Mbps download speed*
  • 40 Gbyte monthly down and upload volume included**
  • 5 mail boxes (5 aliases per mail box)
  • Volume per mail box: 250 MB
  • Anti-virus and anti-spam included
  • 100 MB webspace
  • Dynamic IP-address
  • 384 Kbps upload speed
  • Unlimited number of PC's connectable

* The maximum download speed depends on the distance  between your connection point and the telco switch in your neighborhood, your computer configuration and  your in house cabling.
**1,21 EUR (VAT incl.) / extra Gigabyte, Max 80 Gbyte/month. If you exceed 80 Gbyte/month,  you will get small band (slow Internet speed) until the counter will be reset the month after. Belgian Telecom has nearly a complete ADSL-coverage in Belgium.


Technical  overview of the SoloBox router:

  • Routeur (modem) ADSL2+
  • 1 port Switch Ethernet
  • 2 voice ports to connect 2 fixed phones
  • 125 Mb/s WIFI (802.11b/g/g++) with WEP/WPA security