Monthly subscription fee = €5 (call credit)

National Rates (Click here for international rates).

National calls  Rate/minute
BeMobile 0,08
Fixed line 0,10
Base 0,12
Proximus 0,12
Mobistar  0,12

Pack voice (min. contract 6 months)
30 hours to BeMobile /month 14 /month

SMS/MMS in Belgium
to national operator / SMS 0,09
to national operator / MMS 0,30

Internet & Blackberry in Belgium    Internet and blackberry settings
Nat. mob. data /rate per mb (invoicing per: 10kb) 0,242
Blackberry BIS incl 10 mb /month 13 /month
Blackberry BES incl 10 mb /month 18 /month

Internet packs in Belgium (min. contract 6 months)
250 Mb 13 /month
500 Mb 15 /month
2 Gb 30 /month

All rates in EUR VAT excl.
NATIONAL: Rates per minute, billed per second after the 1st minute
The unused call credit is not transferable to next month.
The internet data traffic is not limited. Access MYBTC, then Mobile Telephony, to configure your data limits.

Mobile data out of the bundle (pack): € 0,242/MB.
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