Classic Telephony - Advantages

 Vaste Telefonie

 How does it work

"Test Achats" certifies that Belgian Telecom's general terms and conditions for classic fixed telephony are very clear which is a NO SURPRISE guarantee towards the customer.

Make advantageous calls to local and foreign destinations over our network using your classic Belgacom phone line. Make calls up to 95% cheaper over our network as compared to Belgacom. You only pay Belgacom your monthly phone line subscription and pay the advantageous calls to Belgian Telecom. You only pay for those calls that you actually made.

Make cheaper calls with Belgian Telecom, the advantages:

  • 24 hours after subscribing you are allready able to use our service to make cheaper high quality calls.

  • Easy and free subscription.

  • Nothing changes to your phone line, your call habits won't change either!

  • You keep your phone number.

  • If you don’t make any phone calls, you won’t get a bill. No subscription fee, no activation cost, no cancellation cost.

  • Very advantageous international rates ! Save up to 95 % !

  • No hidden costs!

  • You are billed per second, from the 1st second until the last.

  • Thanks to our CPS (preselection) service you do not have to enter the network code each and every time. Your calls pass automatically over Belgian Telecom's network.

  • Each month you’ll receive a detailed invoice.

  • You can access your extranet through our website which enables you to view and save your invoice details, download your invoices (up to 12 months old), view and modify your personal information and check the status of our services on your phone line.

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