Virtual office

Connect your office with our cloud telephony.

Connect your WIFI-, Soft-, IP-Phones with a VOIP-account, your PABX with sip-trunking.

  • Incoming geographic phone number in 40 countries
    Choose a number from your own country and region!
  • Exceptional call rates
    Our rates are much cheaper than Skype
  • Free call features
    All features of a traditional PABX, but much easier to configure
    via your extranet
  • Powerful and easy Hosted PABX with Belgian Telecom
    For only €15/month you give your business the call features of
    a multinational company with call queues and for 1 press
    sales, for 2 press helpdesk, ….
Start at
only €2
per month
Click here to check call
and number pricing

Free call features with every voip-account:

  • Voicemail to email
    You can either dial in and listen to your messages or have them delivered as sound files to your email address.
  • Music On Hold
    You can put the call on hold and the other person will hear nice music
  • 2nd call notification
    You will hear a sound if you get a second call.
  • Call divert
    Divert incoming calls to your landline or mobile phone after x-seconds
  • Call transfer
    Transfer a call to your colleague
  • Show caller-id
    You can see the number who calls
  • Secret number (CLIP/CLIR)
    You can show your number when calling or make it secret
  • Voicemail NL/FR/EN
    Choose your voicemail language.
  • Three-way calling
    Call with more people at the same time
  • Conference room
    Start a conference room where your colleagues can call in

Hosted PABX features:

IVR + Call queue = €15/month, € 50 activation cost

Network overview:


Why Belgian Telecom ?

  1. Largest coverage
  2. We use Tier 1 - IP backbones worldwide, which results in great quality.
  3. You can get virtual phone numbers in 5000 cities around the world
  4. Honest, transparent, and high quality services

Download this document for an overwiew of the available features.

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