VOIP-SIP for Call Centers

Connect your PABX, Softphones or IP-Phones via the internet to our SIP-Switches.


  1. No need for investment in expensive switches*
  2. competitive call rates
  3. virtual phone numbers (DID) in different countries
  4. possibility to rent a hosted PABX with Belgian Telecom

*Extra services:

  1. Whispering
  2. Listen into conversations
  3. Conversation recording
  4. Destination restriction per account.
  5. National/international inbound DID-numbers
  6. Conference rooms (with enter code)
  7. Call Queues for inbound + DID
  8. Will be soon available: Predictive Dialing.

Why Belgian Telecom ?

  1. Largest coverage
  2. We use Tier 1 - IP backbones worldwide, which results in great quality.
  3. You can get virtual phone numbers in 5000 cities around the world
  4. Honest, transparent, and high quality services

Download this document for an overwiew of the available features.

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